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SOLWHEE has been creating successful stories with various brands over the last 10 years.



Breathe easy and start sleeping & resting

Launched in 2022, we redefined the concept of sleep and relaxation with our own brand, striving to craft an environment where you feel comfortable no matter where you are. The one-touch bed that unfolds in a minute, the customizable pillow Sururu P17, and more. Our creative items ensure that wherever you are, you will always be cozy and warm.

A traditional brand of Korean hanbok craftsmen

The intricate embroidery, rich colors, and exquisite details of the hanboks she crafted are mirrored in the bedding, capturing the essence of her craftsmanship. and the deep colors and beautiful margins of the hanbok she made herself. It is combined with friendly materials from nature and can be appreciated as a work of art that goes beyond bedding.

German Sanders Climabalance Premium Goose Bedding

Branded by a 135-year-old German premium goose down processing company founded in 1885, it is a high-quality goose brand with first-class specifications, 100% made locally in Germany. Made with white goose from Poland, it has the highest quality assurance mark of the European Wool Management Association TRUMPASS and is certified by the European textile eco-certification OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100.

Swedish premium eco-organic textile brand

Founded in 1879 (140 years ago), Swedish brand Klippan is a textile brand committed to environmental conservation and animal welfare, with full line R&D and production controlled directly from the headquarters. It is a premium brand perfected by Nordic naturalism, using only high-quality, GOTS-certified eco-organic materials.


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A 175-year-old French luxury bedding brand

Founded in 1843, this 177-year-old French heritage company is a luxury bedding brand officially recognized by the government. Awarded the EPV (Enterprise du atrimoine vivant) for its technical and artistic craftsmanship know-how and industrial excellence based on production in the 200-year-old pristine region of the Vosges. Same design products as local department stores in France, with more than 1600 stores in 25 countries around the world.