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SOLWHEE has been creating successful stories with various brands over the last 10 years.



World’s leading brands in Europe, creating trusted business relationships.

Focusing on brand development and licensing business, Solwhee has expanded its domestic distribution by introducing various European collections of lifestyle and expanding its own brand development and new product development.

Drawing on its strategic partnerships with global corporations, manufacturing
facilities, and extensive distribution networks, Solwhee is swiftly adapting to market trends.
Moreover, its business model, encompassing one-stop sourcing, planning, production, and
distribution, is dynamically expanding beyond manufacturing and distribution into the realm
of platform-based ventures.


One-stop process for sourcing, planning, production, and Distribution-oriented development system


One-stop solution for licensing, project planning for domestic and international collaborations


Strategic objectives and planned execution by channel and market type with specialized teams


Systems-based approach to core value and slaughtering synergies to create market value

Solwhee’s Core Values


Discover and build

Discover potential brands and plan products for media marketing through customer lifestyle analysis and customer experience.



Data-driven touch-point analysis to establish brand evolution, stay in touch with customers and communicate core values with finished content


Growing performance

Diversify your business model efficiently and realize value in proportion to customer value with a one-stop solution for your D2C strategy